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We exist to solve problems through technology. We created Sheertex® Knit Technology to replace disposable hosiery, and we will continue to innovate as we uncover new problems we can solve.

SRTX (Sheertex Holdings Corp) is powering a better future for textiles. 

Our mission? To drive durability and sustainability of apparel products by building new materials and software to enable better textiles. We leverage smart, domestic manufacturing to support the sustainable economic development of our local communities.

SRTX is best known for its first technology, Sheertex, which fuses together our patent-pending polymer, knitting technique and manufacturing software. It forms the backbone of a family of brands spanning pantyhose, intimates and socks.

By bringing Sheertex® knit technology to the apparel industry, we are helping to make disposable clothing a thing of the past. The apparel industry’s contribution to climate change currently accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and nearly 20% of water waste. The average person buys and discards 60% more clothing each year than they did in 2002. As the durability and recyclability of our apparel goes up, the amount of consumer waste goes down.

When Sheertex started in 2017, nothing about tights had changed since the invention of Spandex in the 1950s. There was no material both fine enough for sheer hosiery and strong enough to hold up beyond a single day's wear. We took one of the world’s strongest polymers, traditionally reserved for high performance applications like bulletproof vests and climbing equipment, and formulated a textile that was sheer and stretchy enough for hosiery.

It was no easy feat. At the beginning, yarns made of this polymer were white, non-dyeable, too thick for lightweight textiles like hosiery, not stretchy, and broke every knitting machine they were tested on.

After two years of R&D, the build out of in-house manufacturing and patenting of a knit that could achieve stretch without sacrificing strength, the first units of Sheertex tights shipped in February of 2019. Our R&D team continues to push on multiple fronts including innovative dyeing and knitting techniques and full circularity programs encompassing refurbishment, mechanical and chemical recycling, de-knitting, and reassembly to make other apparel products.

All SRTX manufacturing is done sustainably in-house at the company's 115,000 sq ft Montreal factory and headquarters, the largest knitting operation in Canada. We have created sufficient market demand allowing us to compete head to head with other synthetics like nylon, which enables entry into other channels. We are excited to see where our Sheertex® knit technology goes next!

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Founder, CEO & Director OTI Lumionics

Michael Helander

CEO of OTI Lumionics, developing advanced materials for next-generation OLED displays using quantum simulations, machine learning, and pilot production testing.


Co-founder & Managing Director, Arctern Ventures

Murray McCaig

Leaders in the fight against climate change and sustainability.

Founded potnik Mobile (acquired by Telus), EnviroTower, and RWL Water (now Fluence – FLX:ASX).

CEO, Juno College of Technology

Heather Payne

Toronto-based entrepreneur and angel investor, Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

Founder of Juno and Canada Learning Code.


Nanna Andersen

Head of the venture capital arm of H&M Group, founded in 2015. 

Led investments in Sellpy, Goop, Budbee, ADAY, Klarna and Trell.

CEO, Founder & Director SRTX

Katherine Homuth

Vice President of PCH International and Co-founder and CEO of ShopLocket, Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 and Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, One of the Women To Watch Out In Wearables, and One of Flare’s Sixty Under 30

Founder and CEO of Sheertex, one of the world’s fastest growing women-led startups of 2020-21.

Partner, G2VP

Zach Barasz

Partner at G2VP, a venture capital firm investing in exceptional companies applying emerging technologies to traditional industries in novel, sustainable ways.

BMWi Ventures, a $500M fund backed by BMW, led investments  including Lime and Proterra.

Managing Partner, BDC

Michelle Scarborough

Responsible for BDC’s $200M investment to bring capital to women led high-growth tech companies.

Structured and launched the $250M Ontario Emerging Technology Fund

10 Year Vision

It’s 2030 and Sheertex, inventors of unbreakable tights, have replaced tights as completely as Uber replaced hailing a taxi.

People don’t wear nylons, they wear Sheertex.

The billions of pairs of disposable tights that used to get just one or two wears before falling apart are now a thing of the past.

We manufacture hundreds of millions of tights in our smart knitting factories and are a model for net zero emissions for the apparel industry globally. We are everywhere people need tights; D2C online and retail, taking over the hosiery section in major retailers, and producing for the world’s largest brands. Demand is overwhelming. We’re growing as fast as we can scale up supply.

The power of our platform is massive; proprietary materials, software built in-house to power smarter factories, a deep patent portfolio, trade secrets, and supply chain control.

We continuously introduce curve bending consumer products both through our owned channels and co-branded partnerships. We leverage technical solutions we first engineered for ourselves to better the apparel industry at large; solutions like end of life recycling and software to enable zero waste manufacturing. We have built an impenetrable moat. Sheertex is the global leader in sustainable apparel and there are no fast followers.

Investor FAQs
What year was SRTX founded?

Sheertex was founded in 2017

How do I get in touch?

For investor related information, please contact

Who is the beneficial owner of SRTX?

There is no individual who directly or indirectly owns or controls 25% or more of SRTX.

Where is SRTX on its growth trajectory?

SRTX closed a major Series C round of financing in April 2022 led by H&M Group

What is the location of SRTX’s corporate headquarters?

7471 Av. Léonard-De Vinci, Montréal, QC H2A 2P3

NPS 62
Stars 4.3/5 ★★★★
1M active customers as of Q1 2022
Net Revenue for 2021: $25M
Facebook Feedback Score: 4.1/5
Average Yotpo review: 4.09/5
Haven’t bought another brand since buying Sheertex: 80%
No. of trademark applications filed: 22
No. of patent filings: 16 including
one granted US patent
Employee Engagement Score: 70%
% of management from under-represented groups: 24%

Last Updated on 31 March, 2022, at 12:08 (UTC)

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